Garden has been thought to bring back to life old traditional maintainment methods, and the zero impact logic is confirmed by the foundamental and corageous choices: no fertilizers, diserbants or pesticides. All is based one foundamental principle: to follow natural agriculture methods, intended for the perfection of Dharma and to respect rhytms and elements of nature. On these elements, Water availability, precious good to be preserved, depends on underground springs that are mined by the upcoming salts of the aquifiers. Stefano Passerotti knows that this process, if not handled, will produce a strong time reduction on the periods for plant growing. Therefore he adopts knowledgeable choices, to mantain a livable habitat. One of this choices is to overcome the excessive use watering systems, with a limited use based only on real necessity. In fact, to irrigate without knowledge means to harden the soil and to prevent water to filter, reducing roots growth. We can't ignore the sky, the natural cycle, rains in his most natural behaviour.
No machinery with combustion engines, which with their speed tear the leaves, but only hand tools: shears, big shears, spades. A light weeding to the soil by hand will allow the water to penetrate into the soil and feed the roots. The things necessary for the growth of a garden are the sun, water and air, all elements provided by nature itself, magnificent and effective tools!


"Ogni mattino rivivo la sorpresa: cammino nel giardino.
Trovo la mia calma. Trovo tutto me stesso.
I miei passi come quelli di uomini di milioni di anni fa: è sempre la STESSA terra.
Il giardino diventa natura aperta, la rugiada la sua mente, coltivarla è conoscerla.
Adagiarsi sulla sua pelle per capirla e ritrovarla.
Oggi come allora, con allure." 

                                                           Stefano Passerotti

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